Music is the foundation and fabric of our current reality and existence.   It is now common scientific knowledge that creation began with a song.    This music, this vibration,  is contained within all of life itself.   A cosmic, quantum, song that is essentially the matrix of all reality.   It is the fabric that connects everything together.  We are also a part of that connection.  In essence, we all share this  continual,  life evolving, song.  Shinning  light and truth once again on what has been previously suspected and said numerous times, “WE are ALL connected”.  Image

Even though we cannot see it, or feel it, its still there.  Entangling us all.  I can’t remember a time in my life when music wasn’t important to me.    Music for me personally,  is important on many levels.  First , I am a musician, so I have a natural love for music.  Second, it enhances my soul experience.   I can really get carried away in the music when I’m feeling contemplative and or in need of an emotional lift.   The most important reason however,  that I love music, is that it is literally capable of changing the world.

     I’m not always the fastest at new things and it took me several years to discover my favorite artist and song writer Julian Lennon.  I like Julian.   I suppose there are several reasons why this is true but the most important one for me is, his commitment to see world change.    Julian writes about world change in his music, he talks about it when he speaks.  He even takes the time each day to display thought provoking, and uplifting messages to others in order to inspire those who inspire positive change(s) in the world.     I understand the countless efforts that have been made in the name of world peace and it looks many times as if nothing has changed.   It is during these times that I say “press ahead”.  “Press on even without seeing the results, as the results will surely come”.  Sometimes it takes time for manifestations to form and WORLD PEACE is definitely a biggie. I know that he has helped inspire positive changes through his music and continues to do so in his efforts to assist in co-creating a better world.   There is a wave that is sweeping the nation and world and its contained within our music.   Love is replacing hate.  Peace is replacing war and Unity is replacing prejudice.   As one, together in thought and intention, we can do anything.  We are very capable of making this world a beautiful, peaceful, existence for everyone.   Get rid of the greed.   Say no to anything that harms us in any way.    Every day I am reminded of how desperately we are in need of change.    Change starts in the heart.   Music speaks to the heart.


     Music is created from passion.   If there is one thing a heart easily recognizes,  it is passion.   When we hear a passionate musical piece we are moved to tears.   We are moved to emotion.  We are moved.  Could it be that when we say “We are moved” that some sort of cosmic alignment is happening in our core?   In our heart?   If a heart is callous, hard and cold, can it then be moved and or changed with music to be warm, thoughtful and loving?   The answer is yes it can.    I have always found music to be the best vehicle available for speaking directly to a persons heart.    Music has the power of getting through and making a change in us all.

    Imageis everything.

It is in every fiber of our being.   Everything in existence since the beginning of time has been singing what we call our life song.   Each of us have an individual responsibility for our part in life’s musical matrix.   Each one of us has a unique song that is created by our intentions.   This song is freed to the universe to accomplish its mission, as all thoughts and intentions become form.  What type of message and song are we collectively sending to the musical matrix to accomplish?   It’s a question we need to know the answer to simply because music….. IS everything.



  1. ranu802 says:

    Thank you for this,I agree music is a great tool to bring the world together.
    I am Ranu,my blog name is sabethville.I love music. I have a favorite song of Pet Tagore.I posted it as my favorite. The language is Bengali. I translated the lyrics into English.


  2. Kevin says:

    Well said. I’m often stunned at the universal ability of music to being people together. It’s sharing. It’s movement. It’s rhythm. Perhaps it can be found in the human genome — a piece of DNA that binds us to one another through music.


  3. Kathryn Wilken says:

    Music is a universal language that makes you smile, cheers you up when nothing else will, brings back great memories with each song, and can change your whole day. It speaks to my heart and soul. We are very lucky to have such a broad spectrum of choices and styles. I enjoy something from almost all styles. I am in absolute awe at the talent. And genuinley appreciate it.


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