Much research and study has been
going into the brain and how it works. When I had looked into the effects of EMF
on the human body over a year ago I had no idea that I would
be diving back into the subject once again only this time with a

In my journeys I have studied many things. Human behavior, Ancient teachings, Mysticism, The Universe and beyond and now back to the human brain.

Which involves:
RF , EMF, Piezoelectricity, implants, microwave surges and
many other wonderful little surprises that we have no doubt
the potential to be exposed to.(this of course is
assuming it is not happening or has happened already)

This I will neither deny nor confirm. BTW

I will spare you the long post and myself the retyping and re-relaying of what I consider important information. I will instead direct you to
several links for you to Enjoy at your own leisure. Some of the links make for some very lengthy but juicy reading.

WELCOME to it.

a big world down here Alice, make sure to pack a lunch before
following me down the hole.
T.W. Rabbit



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