Why do we fancy death over life?

So it seems it is becoming very obvious that not too many people within my immediate circles like to hear the questions I pose or the subjects I pick to feel so passionate about. Which by the way usually have to deal with the state of our current world and its obvious deficiencies. What do I mean by that? Well, for instance, I had asked the question just today to someone close to me, whom I realized was really not that interested in what I was asking however I asked anyway. ” Why is it, that so many people these days are more interested in DEATH than in LIFE?” ie…the preoccupation with zombies, the walking dead, vampires etc. etc. Why on earth is it so important to elevate the gruesome into our primary thought processes? When in fact there are SO many more things that are to do with LIFE that need addressed? Like clean water and food and shelter for those who may not have it? Like saving the abused animals from being abused? Things that actually mean something? LIke going after and stopping these greedy corporations from poisoning not only YOU but me and our children and on and on? What about those things? What about concentrating on real things that matter instead of this gruesome, fantasy, that only perpetuates more isolation and killing and love of it. It is a sick and perverse thing to think on these types of things that do no human being any good. Who started it anyways? The media? Or did WE really? Think about it. I don’t know anyone who dwells on all this sick stuff nonstop, yet that is what the media would have us to believe. 

I don’t know… is it because no one sees any real help to all the worlds chaos? Is it because like me…that everyone ELSE also feels the urgency and maybe also a little helpless? Is it because we don’t know what else to do that we turn to these things? Honestly can anyone even answer this question, honestly? So much disconnectedness amongst people and it doesn’t have to be this way. We can all open up and really learn to live if we just stop and think about what it is we really desire and want in this world. WE are ALL connected. Don’t fool yourself. What YOU do affects ME and what I do affects YOU. “We are all in this thing together up to our necks”. (as a friend of mine once told me who is from Ireland) 

I really would like to know that people care. I really would like to know that you care about this world in which we live in. I spend each and every day with my heart and soul at my feet due to some of the things I see and hear. With heartache and pain I look to another day to try and help in some, even if only small way to help make things just a little better. 

Please tell me I’m not so alone in this quest. As again, those in my circle would rather just watch television and not be bothered by such questions. But to me, they are the most important questions I can ask right now. 

Will you share with me how it is you feel? I thank you and appreciate any and all responses. 

Thanks again for listening. Sometimes I just gotta let it go.

Love to all.



2 thoughts on “Why do we fancy death over life?

  1. Jacqueline Stigman says:

    Ye gods, Cee, that picture was shocking after reading your blog today. However, a French philosopher who’s name I do not remember said, to the effect that, nothing exists that is not of this world itself. So these images are I would say a view of reality, a portion of it, talking to us, telling, sending a message. Perhaps people feel they are being eaten alive by their jobs, or loved ones…or a world that is run by those that care nothing for our health ie air, water, food quality etc. But can’t confront that they are being eaten alive. I also have issues with vampires-zombies. I don’t read or watch zombie fiction/movies. Somewhat boring when not horrifying. I did read one zombie book called The Return Man by V.M. Zito. He hunts them down to put them out of their misery. He is hired by their loved ones. Compassionate and well written.
    – jacqueline

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    1. cee mcdee says:

      Thank you Jacqueline for your keen insight. I look forward to reading your new book Frankenstein Time Traveler. 🙂 I will leave a link on this blog for others to follow as well. 🙂 Thanks again friend.



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