With the life we receive in the palm of our hand

We’re set out on a journey, in a foreign land

All powers of kingdoms lay at our command

Yet know we not, how vast or how grand

Our miraculous gifts to which we possess

Our birthright to greatness, peace and success

As the love that fills a universe of hearts

Steadily flows, retreats and departs

For temporal minds choose temporal ways

Where love eternal sadly decays

With every foolish choice that’s made

Steps are ordered, placed and stayed

A servant or master, chooses so he

With every thought, and word and deed

Man soon forms what he’ll soon be

Whether living in bonds as slave, or free

Though self-imposed, and of the mind

This prison holds its selfish kind

While desirous bars contain and confine

Wanton souls whom gladly resign

Nostrils smell not, the rot stench of death

As pale rider awaits their final deep breath

Patient and silent he awaits in the depth

As arrogance claims one more to be kept

Of course there’s a path that’s better than this

If one so chooses; eternally bliss

Far away from a lies betraying kiss

That lure lost men into the abyss

To find it you see it, without really seeing

Manifesting itself from the act of believing

It’s not only in doing, more in a receiving

This castle, this kingdom, resides in your being

A new life received in the heart of the man

Sets our path on this journey to conquer the land

All powers of kingdoms full at our command

For know we now, how vast and how grand

   © Lady “C”  2014 Allrights Reserved


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